Sandy Hook Hoax - Three Days Before Shooting “United Way Extends Condolences To Sandy Hook Families

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Three Days Before Shooting United Way Extends Condolences To Sandy Hook Families

As if it wasn’t enough to have reports of a second shooter by local Conn. news and police on the day of the event, this new wart just popped up on the face of the Sandy Hook event. What’s going on with this event? Judging by the reactionary gun debates, we believe that evidence shows there to be a genuine staged element in all this. But does America really care to investigate…? Waiting for the debunkers to tell us what this new one means…
Thomas Dishaw Govt Slaves More twists to the Sandy Hook narrative. On December 11 Google indexed the United Way website  that offered condolences to the family’s of Sandy Hook.

This is a full three days before the actual shooting that  took place on December 14 2012.
Below is a excerpt from the December 11 United Way page. Don’t we all love a good conspiracy?

You May Like:  Another Sandy Hook Fundraiser Uncovered 4 Days Before The Shooting United Way extends our most sincere condolences and prayers to all those families affected by the devastating events in Newtown/Sandy Hook, Connecticut. While the eyes of the world may be on Newtown/Sandy Hook, to several staff, volunteers and contributors, Newtown is home. We will stand with the community and everyone affected directly and indirectly by this tragic event as we face the days and weeks ahead. United Way of Western Connecticut is committed to providing support and resources where and when they become identified and needed. As people from our area and beyond respond to this heartbreaking tragedy, they are turning to United Way looking for ways to help. In response, United Way of Western Connecticut in partnership with Newtown Savings Bank has created the ‘Sandy Hook School Support Fund’ that will be able to provide support services to the families and community that has been affected.

3 Responses to “Sandy Hook Hoax - Three Days Before Shooting “United Way Extends Condolences To Sandy Hook Families”

  1. If the screen grab above is accurate that means that THE SEARCH WAS ITSELF done on December 11th 2012. But surely the person who grabbed the screenshot would have been suspicious of this at the time (condolences for an event that hadn't occurred)

    Why did that person not himself/herself go to the authorities at the time

    And Why did they conduct a search with those search terms in the first place? And WHO was the person who conducted that search?

  2. ^^^
    Actually, that's not true. Go and google whatever subject you like and then check the different dates that show up next to the website.. The month/day/year is the date the post/website/whatever was created.

  3. How could they do such a thing? I hope the poor guy they blamed for this, gets out of jail. These evil monsters ruined his reputation so that they could make money by faking a massacre. This is disgusting.


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