Sandy Hook Hoax - Sandy Hook Police Audio Timeline "Actual Scanner Recording"

Sandy Hook Police Audio Timeline "Actual Scanner Recording"

The Sandy Hook Police audio timeline is important to take note of as it confirms the order of events which took place to the exact second.

A closer look at the timeline reveals 6 suspects in total, which includes Adam Lanza inside of the school

Pay attention to such comments made such as at: 9:55:45 where the officer whispers "End the life of Adam".

9:44 AM First Suspect In Custody Is Reported

9:51:27 AM Second Suspect Down (Suspect from woods #1)

9:51:47 AM Third Suspect Down (Suspect from woods #2)

9:53:21 AM Fourth Suspect Newtown Reports Another Suspect Down. School Cleared, Indicating This Is Adam Lanza. (Suspect #4)

9:55:29 AM - The Official Story Is That The Shotgun Was Found In The Trunk Of A Car Outside The School And Not Inside

10:31:29 AM - the Mention of a documentary on "fowl hunting and gaming"

10:45:45 AM - "Fowl hunting documentary" mentioned again

10:55:27 AM - Suspect Still At Large. Indicating a 5th Suspect?

11:00:58 AM - Very strange sound like a microphone being bumped or something?

11:05:10 AM - The sound again of a microphone?

11:16:56 AM - Suspects #5 and #6

11:17:23 AM - An Officer says that he has confirmed that Griffin is being used - Griffin Hospital Later Stated They Were Not Confirmed.

11:27:00 AM - A officer reports he is on route to Griffin Hospital in nearby Derby Connecticut and then at 11:27:23 AM Griffin Hospital replies there is no confirmation of victims coming down there. None. So it seems that they are not sure which hospitals the victims are going to.

4 of the 6 suspects have not been discussed by authorities or mainstream media whatsoever, and more importantly, who where the two people we saw get chased through the woods and detained? We clearly heard 2 different officers say suspect down at 9:51 AM.

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  1. Not saying there weren't more suspects, but keep in mind, as a police officer myself, that anybody running from the school, anybody not identified positively as not a suspect, would be referred to as a suspect on the radio until proven otherwise. So while there may have been more suspects, the ones referred to may have been fleeing teachers, workers, students, etc who were later identified and cleared.


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