Sandy Hook Hoax - Sandy Hook Hoax Video Going Viral

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One in particular is a 30-minute film, which at this point has been watched more than 8 million times, claiming that the shooting was a hoax and part of a government conspiracy. There have been a lot of videos and photos going around online making an unbelievable claim about the Sandy Hook school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.
First and foremost, I’d like the say I don’t support this video, as I think it’s incredibly disrespectful and offensive to the people involved who lost their loved ones, and I think it’s quite possible to explain all of the supposed ‘inconsistencies’ in various news reports.
I am also very much a supporter of the right to free speech and expression, and definitely a supporter of not blindly believing everything we see and hear.
I will admit, I watched the entire 30 minute video and at points thought…’Hmm…that IS odd…’

Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver II
Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver II (Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

I thought it strange that various news reports claimed different guns were found inside the school than were used to kill the victims– but I know better than anyone that a lot of those news reports were wrong and what they reported as fact one minute was suddenly incorrect the next.
I also thought the story with the neighbor,

Gene Rosen

, seemed strange when they broke it down — but five minutes can seem like an eternity (or a half hour) when you’re dealing with a hectic or frightening situation. Add to that, anyone who has witnessed a car accident knows your brain can trick you into believing what you really saw and heard vs. what actually happened.
I thought the medical examiner’s statement to the media was strange — but then I remembered he’s not a public speaker. Let’s be honest, he works mostly with dead people. I don’t expect him to speak eloquently and perfectly when surrounded by cameras, police, and the eyes of the nation, after he’s just seen 20 6-year-olds slaughtered.
This video is claiming the whole thing is a conspiracy set up by the government to take away the public’s right to bear arms. They say it’s a scam to pass new gun control laws.
Regardless of what you think of this video, or the thinking behind it, it’s important to be respectful when talking about controversial issues like this. Gun control, parenting, mental health, and bullying are all issues that seem to get people screaming their heads off. Just as passionately as you feel about one side of the issue, there is someone who feels just as passionately about the opposing view.
If you’re going to speak about it, you need to be willing to listen as well, especially to things you may not agree with or want to hear.
Blindly believing a ‘conspiracy theory’ is just as bad as blindly believing the supposed big, bad mainstream media.

Many have found the video offensive, and viewer discretion is advised

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  1. I have watched the video a couple times. I was shocked by some of the stuff that I saw the first time, that I wanted to make sure that I heard everything correctly. Lets start with the medical examiner, you are completely right, he is not a public speaker. He might speak in court, but when have you ever seen a Medical Examier at an active crime scene? Then he was commenting on the weapon that was used. Well, unless he was a ballistic specialist, I don't think he should be commenting on the type of weapon ... Oh, and lets not forget, he mentioned that he hadn't even been up to see the bodies on the second floor. So how does he know what they were shot with? Lets move on the the fact that this guy (the shooter)was a perfect shot, impossible ... how were there not a ton of wounded people. He killed them all? When have we known that to happen? Never? I myself as a parent would never have left the school without my child, but in all of the videos and pictures, there were no parents of the victims waiting to find out if there child was alive. We are talking about at least 40 adults waiting on information of their children, no ... thats right, they were at the fire house ... you would never find me there. What if my child needed me? Or they found my kids wandering around because they got out safe, and I'm not there. Or I'm not at home where they always tell parents to wait. I can't even comment on the rediculousness of the parents that were being interviewed, clearly not greifsticken ... I know we all mourn differently, but geez, cry a little. I heard that the school contained 600 kids, where were all of those kids? None were shown on video scrambling out of the school like we have seen in past school shooting. Why? Where did they all go?

    1. Listen dude, I've done almost 100 hours of research on this. It's a total HOAX. I broke it down as a guest on a radio show last Saturday.

      There are NO records for him for the last 3 years. His "neighbors" never saw him. There is no video or pictures of anything remotely showing a crime scene. There is no video from the schools brand new security system. The car police identified as Lanza's, is registered to Chris Rodia who has ZERO to do with the Lanza's.


      LITTLE CHILDREN ARE ALL SHOT UP AND THE EMT'S NEVER EVEN WERE IN THE PARKING LOT? Only the most dumbed down and terrified sheep could believe that would happen in real life.

      This has been exposed as an "active shooter drill" taken to the next level for the sheeple. We've identified at least 6 "crisis actors" posing as family members. A half dozen "Sandy Hook Victim" Fundraising sites were created, from several days, up to a month prior to the event.

      But, the elite's know that the sheeple are far too dumbed down and frightened to want to know the truth. They know the sheeple will desperately believe the talking head LIARS who are highly paid to promote the establishments lies, no matter how senseless their propaganda is.

      That's why 3 of the alleged "victims" actually posed for a picture with Obama at the vigil two days later. They know they could tell you a f*cking chain saw is a watermelon and you'd believe it.

      To all the sheeple, you will pay for your ignorance and fear of the truth.

    2. I watched the video too. PURE nonsense! Surely produced with help fromthe NRA. The first clue that the video is full of hogwash is when it had no idea what FEMA does after a natural disaster...not a man made massacre. Video a good example of photo shopping, chopping, and hopping!

    3. The NRA president is against the assault rifle ban... Yes this incident was a hoax but please shut up unless you know what you're talking about before you turn people away from the truth because of your retardedness

  2. I read your comment. Pure lies! Surely produced with no critical thinking. If you watched the video you wouldn't be so blatantly ignorant of the obvious conflicting details, but you said nothing. Maybe you watched the video play as you contributed to Robbie Parker. Your comment is just so dismissive you could not possibly have been confronted with the evidence presented in the video and write such short, non-topical vomit as you did. Sorry ppl. It was just a passing Sheeple.

  3. False flag incident. Like the many others in the history of mankind

  4. Having worked many death scenes, I can tell you for a fact that EMS will always go in an stick the machine to someone to verify they are dead. I have seen them do this on bodies that are three days dead in the summer heat. The idea that EMS would not go in and stick the test probes to each of the 26 dead is ridiculous. The more I see of this, the more I think it may be a complete sham, designed as a bloodless scare to take away the second amendment.

  5. All Lies! I can't believe what the government will do to get rid of the 2nd amendment


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