Sandy Hook Hoax - A message to the main stream media on Sandy Hook "conspiracy theorists"

Phase 1 - The MSM has brought attention to Sandy Hook conspiracies (using fairly vague info) such as the FAU professor, Anderson Cooper, and other random MSM reports just mentioning people are questioning the official story, while at the same time shining a negative light on any questioning of the official story (this is the current phase they are on).

Their steps I see going forward are...

Phase 2 - The MSM is going start the Sandy Hook conspiracy debunking by using per-created strawman arguments (created to fail) such as the pre-dated (pre dec 14) Sandy Hook blog posts, RIP pages, charities, tweets... which is an easy theory to debunk if you understand the online world (static Timestamps vs dynamic Content). These pre-dated Sandy Hook pages (done after the fact) were done on purpose on mass using a huge amounts of various popular online platforms (youtube, twitter, facebook, blogs, school sites, charities...) specifically to draw attention in the conspiracy world so they can later focus target that theory (and a select few other theories) to discredit the debate about the Sandy Hook conspiracy topic (while avoiding the real questions/issues).

Phase 3 - Conspiracy theorists will start really making noise knowing the MSM is dodging the real questions. The MSM will again highlight Sandy Hook conspiracies by saying something like "wow they still aren't convinced even after we debunked them (using weak theories), they are saying everyone is fake and everything is photoshoped. I guess those crazy people need even MORE proof". At this point they will also start highlighting a few additional popular theories (but making them all seem crazy still).

Phase 4 - Then they will shift into the next phase of the plan, which will be to show 2 different pieces of overlapping "evidence" that will be seen as the final nail in the coffin to most sheeple (it doesn't matter what theories come to light at this point because they plan with these 2 pieces of "evidence" to have EVERY theory tossed out the window by the masses at once). The 2 pieces of evidence will be VIDEO of the "suspect" entering the school and shooting at the admin staff (likely showing 3-4 victims + a skinny masked shooter). The video would of been created AFTER THE FACT (shortly after Dec 14, 2012), using the now off-limits and completely vacant Sandy Hook Elementary (the students/teachers were moved to a DIFFERENT school since the incident occurred) to create a recorded RE-CREATION of the "event" making it mirror the official story they have been pushing, and will even go as far as using the actual victims who "died" in the event (such as principle Dawn Hochsprung which isn't really dead, which will make a guest appearance to be "killed" again, among others (likely no kids involved)). On top of that they will also likely show for the first time the 1 surviving victims eyewitness testimony which hasn't been seen as of yet (she will likely also appear in the re-creation video), and her accounts of that day will of course echo the video made after the fact and further back the official story.

Phase 5 - They will then use this newly gained rise in public opinion about the event happening as officially told, being "proven" via (re-created) video evidence & survivor testimony, to then start attacking our 1st amendment rights saying we can no longer allow the average citizen to widely spread rumors and false info. This will be used to attack select websites (like GLP, set limits/filtering to major networks like Facebook/Twitter/YouTube), sensor search engine results and basically start really setting extreme limits on civilian rights (freedom of speech and freedom of the press).

Phase 6 - Now fast-foward a few months from now, when peaceful gun rights protests are happening all over (other topics will likely also be involved but this will be the big one) and eventually some turn violent (which will be staged by TPTB using you guessed it, gun incidents) this will be the cap on the plan and the real 1st and 2nd amendment battle will start getting crazy. This is also likely how they will spin the dollar collapse towards the general public (via the chaos at this stage which is to be blamed on the homegrown extremists... aka you) and the government gets to look again like the victim in all of this while openly attacking your rights.

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