Sandy Hook Hoax - CNN Caught Faking Sandy Hook Footage.

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At the words "they arrived to carnage," the CNN Anderson Cooper report cuts to helicopter footage of seven police officers charging across a parking lot and toward a school. It is breaking news coverage of the Sandy Hook shooting just hours earlier.
The three-minute report posted on the day of the shootings at the official CNN website is entitled "Tragedy Strikes at Elementary School." But the school is almost certainly not Sandy Hook. It is St. Rose of Lima School, a private school a few miles away, also in Newtown. Sandy Hook Elementary School is the site where 20 school children were killed on December 14, 2012, and 6 adults. Two adults were wounded, Natalie Hammond and another whom police have not named. CNN: "Tragedy Strikes at Elementary School," at official CNN Youtube channel
 The helicopter footage is broadcast at 8 seconds into the CNN report, and again at time stamp 1:02. A close examination of the landscaping, parking lot markings, and the distinct curvature of the sidewalk reveals that no such terrain exists at Sandy Hook Elementary School. However, a Google Earth satellite photo shows the true location almost beyond a reasonable doubt. After circulating across the Internet for a time, photographic evidence seems to bear out that doubts were founded. It is not known whether the rush to the building of the seven officers seen in the clip is a drill. Also unknown is when it took place. The GPS coordinates of the area of the St. Rose of Lima School in question are: latitude 41.415154, longitude -73.297764. The street address which can be entered into the Google Earth search box to find the location is 40 Church Hill Rd, Newtown, CT. Google Earth is an Internet tool which allows Internet users to view satellite photos of any place on the planet in minute detail. Users can instantaneously zoom in on details as small as cars or streetlights. In the disputed CNN footage, at time stamp :08 seconds, police can be seen running around a curved landscape feature from which diagonal lines radiate on the parking lot asphalt. At 1:02 (one minute and 2 seconds) the same clip is played again, more extensively. Officers run onto a long, curving white sidewalk next to a building. A utility room of some sort can be seen on the roof, near a metallic, grill-like device, perhaps a solar collector. An examination of a satellite photo of Sandy Hook shows no such grouping of features. An examination of the satellite photo of St. Rose of Lima School, however, shows the exact features in detail. It is nearly indisputable that the the site where the officers are shown running is St. Rose of Lima School, not Sandy Hook. In the CNN report, the second appearance of the footage takes place in the context of a cut to Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police at a press conference on that day. The script runs as follows: Vance (at press conference): "Off-duty troopers responded to the school, and with Newtown police immediately upon arrival, entered the school and began a complete active shooter search of the building." As the report cuts to the charging officers, the CNN voice-over says: "They arrived to carnage." The clip was run on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360." The theme of Cooper's 360 program is "Keeping them honest." CNN report, "Tragedy Strikes at Elementary School," screen shot at 8 seconds, police storming building

CNN report, "Tragedy Strikes at Elementary School," screen shot at 1 minute, 1 second Untitled

CNN report, "Tragedy Strikes at Elementary School," screen shot at 1 minute, 2 seconds
Sandy Hook Elementary School, satellite photo

St. Rose of Lima School, Newtown, CT, with area of detail (Google Earth)
St. Rose of Lima School, Newtown, CT, with detail (Google Earth) Untitled

5 Responses to “Sandy Hook Hoax - CNN Caught Faking Sandy Hook Footage.”

  1. what did the Government promise these no class actors and actresses? All will have to answer to this sin.

  2. Hey I have a new 2013 car to pay for 6 years. Since I was an innocent person believing and falling prey to this horrible stunt, I think my car should be paid for in full. Why not? I am sure the actors and actresses who played this rotten trick, was promise things from the government. Just remember you have to answer for what you do in on Earth.

  3. I noticed something odd, everything about Emilie Parker had her name spelled Emilie, including her social security death record. Then I saw a obituary written by her own parents with her name spelled EMILY... odd don't you think?

  4. You guys are dumb. CNN screws up all the time and uses bullsh*t footage to report. CNN is known for this. It isn't a hoax, CNN is just really bad at trying to fool the audience. The event was real, the news team is just lazy. Just google "CNN false footage" and enjoy the party. Overall, sucks for us but in the grand scheme of things, not a big deal.

    1. Caleigh MANDEL-BREHM wrote "You guys are dumb. [...] The event was real, [...]"

      How could You possibly know?

      If you admit that much of the news is "screwed up" or rather- deliberately and routinely crafted; fabricated; manufactured, and that most of what their audience(s) see is quite literally "created" by associating cropped and tampered imagery with highly spun commentary, what is left for you to decide who is "dumb" and "what really happened" at an even you likely did not attend?

      Even many first hand witnesses on the ground admit to (1) not knowing what had happened or which (2) had their statements (often false) repeated by anyone who'd give them the spotlight and news microphone. Look at the leaked Gene Rosen rehearsals; the FAKE School Nurse, and the (imaginary) "Sources Say"- IE-- the reporters who were also actually there, ON LOCATION; who clearly just made things up to fill the "fact-void."

      The time-coded aerial camera footage and Deputy cruiser dash-cam evidence, and police logs are a great deal more reliable as credible sources of data.

      NO dead bodies; not ONE. NO fleeing children or adults. TWO fleeing suspects (which according to police radio tapes at least ONE was caught and placed "prone"- and acknowledged by the chief). ONE injured woman (whose injury appears to have been a hand cut), and then there's the final DNA report.

      "The event was real" -? Sheer argumentum ad ignorantiam, ad nauseum.

      Your explanation for the "deceased" Principal's DNA on one of the recovered weapons is? Or her appearance to the DJ who wrote about her story for the Newtown Bee after she had allegedly died? For the retired SSN the day before of one Adam Lanza, which, to this day, has not been "corrected"? The lack of FBI Homicide statistics for Newtown, CT, that year? The preceding anti-FOIA legislation, rammed through in 2011 without much (if any) publicity or public evaluation? The appearance of "official" sympathy and "R.I.P." websites well-before the day of the alleged tragedy?

      If you can't provide any credible answers, then you'll kindly shut up while those skeptical of the official story ask the hard questions of those who ought to know, and discuss the facts and other such things amongst themselves.

      Good Day


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