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Strange links: Aurora, Hunger Games, Sandy Hook, Batman

Strange coincidences, or not-so-hidden connections between violent shootings and Hollywood film?

Gotham map showing ’Sandy Hook’ bottom left, from For large image, go here.

Suzanne Collins, author of ‘The Hunger Games’, lives in Sandy Hook, CT

There are rather eerie coincidences as new details emerge about the tragic mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. It turns out that Adam Lanza’s mother, Nancy, was a so-called prepper who believed the world economy would collapse and she would need guns and stock-piled food to defend her home and for long-time survival. According to new reports, Ms. Lanza, described as overly-protective of her emotionally disturbed son, purchased the high-powered guns which were used by her son to carry out the mass shootings, and she taught both of her sons how to shoot them.

Here’s where it gets more strange. Some Internet news reports have picked up on the fact that Suzanne Collins [above right], the author of "The Hunger Games," which was made into a hit movie, resides in the Sandy Hook village in Newtown, Connecticut where the mass shootings occurred. Collins is the daughter of a U.S. Air Force officer and is a graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington where she double-majored in drama and telecommunications. Here’s a glimpse of the movie version of "The Hunger Games":

The hit movie “The Hunger Games” takes place in a dystopian future where the poor and wretched masses live under the high tech tyranny of a wealthy elite. Is the movie depicting the kind of society the elite is trying to establish for the New World Order? We’ll look at characteristics of the world presented in “The Hunger Games” and how they relate to plans for a New World Order.

Pushed by a gigantic marketing campaign, The Hunger Games did not take long to become a world-wide sensation, especially among teenagers and young adults. Sometimes referred to as the new Twilight, The Hunger Games has similar components to the previous book-to-movie craze (i.e. a young girl torn between two guys) but takes place in a very different context.

Set in a dystopian future (why is the future always “dystopian”?), The Hunger Games paints a rather grim picture of the world of tomorrow, whether it be from a social, economical or political point of view. In short, it is a big-brotherish nightmare where a rich elite thrives on the backs of a starving population. Meanwhile, the perversity and voyeurism of mass media is taken to absurd levels and is used by the government as a glue to keep its unjust social order intact. Is The Hunger Games giving teenagers a glimpse of a not-too-distant future? It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see the elite are trying to take the world in that direction. Is the author Suzanne Collins communicating a strong anti-NWO message to the youth by showing its dangers or is it getting the youth used to the idea?

Source: AdvanceIndiana

Scene from The Hunger Games where ’Rue’, a young child, is killed during the sacrificial survival games.

wall street mum shot Nancy Lanza was morgan stanley Investment broker! Financial Connection Unraveling Faster Than A Bullet

Not a substitute teacher, or even a retired teacher.
Not a divorced suburbanite living on alimony.

Not even a CIA developer of mind control video games (per the disinfo tag team, Sorcha Faal and Gordon Duff).

Haven't we had enough of the lies?

Nancy Lanza was an investment broker working for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, since joining the firm in June, 2010.

She was registered through them in California, Connecticut, Florida, and New Jersey.

Before that, she worked from 1997-2009 for Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.

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Major media, I adddress this to you:


* * * * * * * * *

Now what about Adam's Daddy, Peter Lanza?

The story about the Libor connection, we are told now by some alternative media, has been DEBUNKED.

Oh, really now?

As you read this information about Peter Lanza and his work for GE, remember the context and the Obama connection:

U.S. Taxpayers Bailed Out G.E. For $182.5 Billion.

Back to Adam's Family:

Peter Lanza has been up to his neck, drowning, and waterboarded even - BY LIBOR!

That's right:


"Peter Lanza, is the tax director for General Electric, a corporation that paid -$0- in Federal income taxes on $14.2 billion dollars in profits last year. Three of the employees from GE Capitol, the unit overseen by Lanza, were sentenced to time in prison on October 18th 2012 for Libor bid-rigging scheme. The men are the first to be sentenced as part of an ongoing investigation of bid-rigging in auctions. It just so happens that GE Capitol, Peter Lanza’s Unit, was the one involved in the bid-rigging schemes that used LIBOR rates to manipulate the municipal market."

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Above Link gives above excerpt from article, as well as quoting from:

By Basil Katz FOR REUTERS:

NEW YORK, Oct 18 (Reuters) – Three former bankers at a unit of General Electric Co were each sentenced on Thursday to several years in prison for conspiring to rig bids to invest municipal bond proceeds.

The men were convicted in May as part of a broad investigation by the U.S. Justice Department of the $3.7 trillion U.S. municipal bond market. The probe has focused on rooting out schemes to fix prices and rig bids on bond transactions, and has ensnared some of the world’s largest banks.

The government had accused the three GE Capital bankers of conspiring with brokers, between 1999 and 2006, to submit artificially low bids for municipal finance contracts. They were found guilty of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and to defraud the United States.

At Thursday’s hearing, U.S. District Judge Harold Baer in Manhattan said “corruption and greed was certainly what this case was about.”

Defendant Steven Goldberg was handed a four-year prison term, while Peter Grimm and Dominick Carollo were each sentenced to three years.

The sentences were significantly lower than what the government had requested. Prosecutors had proposed up to 17-1/2 years for Goldberg, and more than a decade for the two others.

The three defendants addressed the crowded courtroom in turn, each breaking into tears when asking the judge for leniency.

Lawyers for the three men indicated in court on Thursday that they would likely appeal the convictions.

Original article which gave links to the truth about Nancy and Peter... and there is so much more.... so much more...

Sandy Hook - Judge seals police records for 90 days

Sandy Hook - Judge seals police records for 90 days

A state Superior Court judge said Thursday that search warrant affidavits for the cars and home of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza and his mother would stay sealed for another 90 days.

The judge's order also covers the two other search warrants, for the 2010 Honda Civic Adam Lanza drove to the school and for Nancy Lanza's 2009 silver BMW, which was parked in the garage attached to the home.

"The court finds that due to the nature and circumstances of this case and the ongoing investigation, the state's interest in continuing nondisclosure substantially outweighs any right to public disclosure at this time," Blawie wrote.

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Sandy Hook: Ithaca Police Finish ‘Active Shooter’ Training on Day of Conn. School Massacre

IPD (Photo credit: mhaithaca)
ITHACA — It is one of those ironies which seem to abound. The Ithaca Police Department finished training for handling situations like a school gunman on the day 20 children and 6 adults were killed by a gunman at  Sandy Hook Elementary school.
Saying SWAT teams are no longer adequate to respond to time when police must encounter a gunman in a building, an IPD spokesman said officers were trained during a six-week Law Enforcement Active Shooter Response between Nov. 5 and December 14.
After five officers were trained in how to respond to an active shooter, a vacant City of Ithaca building was used to train other IPD officers. Along with classroom instruction, officers were taught tactics and equipment for “force on force encounters.” Among the tactics learned: room entry, stairwell clearing, hallway movement and mental preparation. The training is in response to “the continual recent tragedies involving senseless acts of violence towards large groups of people in schools, malls and other public places,” according to the department.
“The mindset on police response to an active shooter incidents has changed in the last 15 years, most notably since the school shooting in Columbine, Colorado. The past approach was to wait for the SWAT Team to arrive and handle the situation,” according to Ithaca police. Noting SWAT teams “usually takes valuable time” in which victim are left at risk, the new game plan for police has evolved.
“The approach has evolved into training every officer to respond to the scene of any active shooter incident, locate any person actively attempting to hurt or kill innocent people, and stopping that person as soon as possible.”

Jewish Mossad death squads slaughtered American children at Sandy Hook

Students at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, are being guided to get out of the school after the December 14, 2012 deadly shooting.
The choice appears to be covertly revealing, where “Sandy” means guardian of men (as an allusion to guns) and “Hook” as a euphemism for hooking, gathering or confiscating the only weapons that DHS fears. And who better to slaughter American children than Israelis, who deliberately murder Palestinian children?
While liberals and some conservatives believe the time has come to ban assault weapons, the graver threat to our nation’s security has been swept under the rug.

The Sandy Hook massacre appears to have been a psy op intended to strike fear in the hearts of Americans by the sheer brutality of the massacre, where the killing of children is a signature of terror ops conducted by agents of Israel.

This is being used as powerful incentive for banning assault rifles, where most of the public is unaware of the fact that the Department of Homeland Security has acquired 1.5 billion rounds of .40 caliber, hollow-point ammunition, which is not ever permissible in warfare under the Geneva Conventions.

A Senate Subcommittee has issued a report (3 October 2012) based upon its review of 680 “fusion center” reports (from 2009-2001) and found not a single indication of any domestic terrorist threat-not one! None! Since the only domestic “terrorist threats” are ones contrived by the government, especially the FBI, the public needs to know.

This information-as well as the existence of more than 300 FEMA camps and special boxcars to carry dissidents to them-has been deliberately withheld from the American people, because if they were aware of the facts of the matter, it would become obvious that those camps and ammunition are intended to be used against them.

When DHS is gearing up to conduct a massive civil war against the American people, what better excuse could there be for banning assault weapons than the massacre of 20 innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary School?

The choice appears to be covertly revealing, where “Sandy” means guardian of men (as an allusion to guns) and “Hook” as a euphemism for hooking, gathering or confiscating the only weapons that DHS fears. And who better to slaughter American children than Israelis, who deliberately murder Palestinian children?

Mike Harris of Veterans Today has exposed the pattern relating what happened there to earlier assaults: “This is exactly what Israel did in Norway; the political party that voted sanctions against Israel was retaliated against by a ‘lone gunman’ who killed 77 children. This is what Israel always does, they go after the children.

Slain sandy hook teachers stepfather journalist - Adams Uncle retired police captain

You'd think with a Journalist (Bill Leukhardt) of "The Hartford Courant, a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper publication" being the "long term companion" the mother of slain sub teacher Lauren Rousseau

And Adam Lanzas Uncle being retired Police Captain of Kingston NH James Champion....

Between the 2 of these professionals you'd think that they could get to the bottom of the misinformation that is being put out about this tragedy...

Especially Bill Leukhardt...considering the information that Laurens vehicle was found riddled with bullets...

I mean seriously....I know people are grieving and all but even journalists surrounded with death in war zones go to great lengths to try and get an accurate story out.....

I don't know maybe I'm being harsh, but if it was one of my own involved and I was either a professional journalist or police officer I'd want to get to the bottom of it all and try and get an accurate as possible story out there...

 nancy lanza family will claim her remains

Second Suspect hiding in the woods walking away (Sandy hoax)

There is a second guy escaping who is clearly hiding in the woods. He was in the woods before the police were running there.

The police running into the woods is probably the first responders that can be heard in this police audio:

They clearly speak of two suspects fleeing the scene.

The one guy that got caught is probably the one talked about here:
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The Masonic Lodge is right around the corner were these guys were running towards..

Sandy Hook Hoax - the movie "Millennium" could explain Sandy Hook & Aurora, Co.

Millennium is a 1989 film directed by Michael Anderson and starring Kris Kristofferson, Cheryl Ladd

The film begins in the cockpit of a U.S. passenger airliner (Boeing 747), shortly before they are struck from above by another airliner (McDonnell Douglas DC-10) on a landing approach. The pilot handles the airplane as well as he can while the flight engineer goes back to check on the passenger cabin. He comes back in the cockpit screaming, “They're dead! All of them! They’re burned up!”

"Bill Smith (Kristofferson) is a National Transportation Safety Board investigator hired to determine whether human error is the cause of a collision of two aircraft, both of which crashed. He and his team of investigators are confused by the words on the cockpit voice recorder because there had been no fire on board before the plane hit the ground. At the same time, a theoretical physicist named Dr. Arnold Mayer (Travanti) has a professional curiosity about the crash, which borders on science fiction. While giving a lecture, he talks about time travel and the possibility of visitors from the future"

"Time travelers are, in fact, visiting the present day and stealing passengers from doomed aircraft. Every incursion into the past causes an accompanying "timequake" whose magnitude is proportional to the effects of the incursion into the past. Each "timequake" causes physical damage in the time from which the incursion has been made. This is why they are abducting people who will not be able to affect the future any further and replacing them with copies of those who would have died. Thus, the co-pilot's strange comment came because all the passengers had been replaced with pre-burned duplicates in preparation for the upcoming crash"

Sandy Hook Hoax - Batman map = strike zone = New Madrid / Louisiana Sinkhole?

1 of 2

2 of 2

Batman target Map shows strike zone -- I-35 to I-65 --

Since Sandy Hook was a match.. if you look at a REAL map.. these highways surround Louisiana.. western border of Louisiana/Texas to Mobile Alabama...

Now, Add in the Boat tour shown on the map.. sunken streets NAMED AFTER FISH -- and the Mississippi River overlay -- and you get a real shady conspiracy brewing.

Now.. lets go back a week.. to this post I made (scroll down here on facebook to see the original) Week of December 10, 2012..

Saturday Night Live does a very "strange" skit -- no one knows what it means...

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yahoo news says this:

"So Weird, It's Funny: Maine Justice

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Wait, why does everyone in this Maine courtroom speak with a Louisiana accent? Why did they play "When the Saints go marching in?" What's going on here? We were confused for most of the sketch -- maybe it was a town with a lot of Hurricane Katrina refugees -- but Jason Sudeikis's crazy Col. Sanders and a cameo by a moonshine-swilling Charlie Day made this whole bizarre thing kind of hilarious.

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